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Homework Help: 1 Question (Phylogeny) HELP PLEASE~!

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    1 Question!! (Phylogeny) HELP PLEASE~!

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    Phylogeny predicts a hierarchical classification system because
    2. Relevant equations
    related to descendents and ancestors..

    3. The attempt at a solution
    A talks about structural form, C is like naming? either C or E is the answer...but which is the best answer? and WHY??? Please help!
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    Re: 1 Question!! (Phylogeny) HELP PLEASE~!

    This is the "Introductory Physics" section of the Homework Help area, i.e. your post is in the wrong place. I've sent a note to the moderators to have your post moved to the "Other Sciences" section where it is more likely to be seen by somebody who actually knows about biology. In the future, if you have homework help questions about biology, chemistry, or any scientific subject that is NOT physics, math, or engineering, then please post it in the Other Sciences section.
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    Re: 1 Question!! (Phylogeny) HELP PLEASE~!

    I'd say A seems to be the best answer. C doesnt make sense to me: just because organisms have cells in tissues in organs doesnt mean they are related. E... I dont think it is universally applicable - it depends how far you go back and what features you look at. I mean look at mammals, they dont have all the same functions nor live in the same habitats.
    A makes sense: phylogeny is like a tree - the organisms on the twigs (the descendents) of a small branch (the common ancestor) will always be joined to a larger branch (the more ancient common ancestor).
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