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10 days festivalizing & cruising up the coast

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    OK, been away for 10 days festivalizing & cruising up the coast (pix to follow).

    What'd I miss (other than 484 new PF messages)? Anything good? Anything bad?
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    Re: recap

    Evo and Astronuc eloped, but you were here for that weren't you. um what else? Moonbear was busted for gun running. hypatia had some sort of trouble with a stalker, but won't give us any details. lisab's back in rehab, fingers crossed on that one. russ waters-pictures, say no more. Ivan Seeking lost his sense of smell for a couple of days, all better now though. Math Is Hard didn't make it to Hollywood on American Idol, simon was a prick to her. I think that just about covers everything.
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    Re: recap

    You missed my whole thread on finding a past post of yours.
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    Re: recap

    You missed all of the posts I didn't make over the last 10 days because I was on vacation visiting my parents.
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