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10 Dirtiest Jobs in Science

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    well most of those are bad but i've seen worse on mike rowe's dirty jobs show
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    Now I could go for scrambling around volcanos, but those other jobs sound :yuck: . At university, I used to drive past a field of cows who had holes in their sides. The holes were capped so that one could remove the cap and reach inside. However, those holes usually overflowed with the contents dribbling down the sides. :yuck:
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    I use to de-wing fruit-flys to pay my way in school. It wasen't to bad, except when you went to wash up and found wings stuck to your face.:eek:
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    :uhh: My Ph.D. was in an animal science department. I've been around people who do a number of those things (the worst is collecting rumen contents...that odor just sticks to you even after taking a shower). We used to know which grad student had just passed through the hallways by which animal odor was lingering behind. There is no way to stay clean working with sheep either, and nothing much worse than grabbing a sheep first thing in the morning and feeling the moisture seeping through your scrubs to your skin when you know it's not water that they've gotten on their wool overnight. :yuck:
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    I can picture some of the want ads now:

    Manure Inspector wanted. Looking for a self starter who is anxious to dig in. Must be neat and have your own car. Sinus trouble a plus. Unless you don’t mind waste, don’t waste our time.

    Bring a jar, plastic sheets and your sense of adventure...Orangutan-Pee Collector wanted. (What did you think the job was?)

    Hot-zone Superintendent wanted. Never mind what the duties are. Do you want a job or don’t ya?

    Semen Washer/Volcanologist wanted: Monitor regions to determine when they'll erupt next.
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