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Featured Insights 10 Math Tips to Save Time and Avoid Mistakes - Comments

  1. Oct 13, 2017 #21
    I love the "Write instead of think." step. I tend to think of doing proofs as 'thinking on paper."

    A bit of a modern challenge to the usual idea of doing easy questions first:


    Short version:
    1. Try the hard problems first, but don't waste too much time on them
    2. Do the easy problems
    3. Go back to the hard ones to finish

    By starting 1, you get your brain rolling (subconsciously) on the harder problems while you are doing other stuff. Sometime it takes our brains a bit to pull stuff out of the filing cabinet.
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    Right on! I had a Calculus and an Engineering professor both say that when in doubt, draw it out.
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    I would always rush and make the dumbest mistakes. Seeing things that weren't there, not seeing things that are there and even things like adding when there is clearly a minus sign!
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