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Homework Help: 10 minute presentation on millau viaduct

  1. Aug 10, 2010 #1
    i am a third year civil engineering student taking a course in Technical English, as part of the course we need to give a 10 -15 minute presentation on something conncted to the field. i have chosen the Millau Viaduct as my topic, 10 minutes seems like very little time for such a complex project and i am not quite sure how to build the presentation, i thought:

    1) History and motivation for the project
    2) Opposition
    3) Technology
    4) Records
    5) stats and figures
    6) Impacts

    what do you think about this division of topics, are there any that i should add/ remove and how long should i speak about each one? i think that i can spread it out more or less 2 mins each, is this okay or should i give certain topics more time?
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