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10 most expensive world cities

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    1. Tokyo
    2. Osaka Kobe
    3. Oslo
    4. Hongkong
    5. Libreville
    6. Zurich
    7. London
    8. Genève
    9. Kopenhagen
    10. Paris

    Ranked according to the expense of living. Japan has the first and second place. Libreville is the capital of the Gabonese Republic in West-Africa.

    Amsterdam is no. 20 on the list (the previous year no. 40), it is the 5th most expensive city in Europe.

    Source: Economist Intelligence Unit 2003, study of 134 cities
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    I must say, Libreville seems remarkably out of place on that list. Has there been some sort of West African boom that I haven't heard about in the last ... day?

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    I was surprised not to see any resourt cities, like monte-carlo?
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    Monte Carlo is a place for the Tax Dodgers.
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    Resort cities tend to be built in areas where the environment is friendly and there is plenty of cheap service labor around. When they get too expensive, the customers move elsewhere.

    OTOH when people go to cities to do buisness, they don't really have any choice to move elsewere. (They can commute.) So when prices rise, people pay.
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    And not a single american city on the list. So much for rich americans and thier lavish lifestyles.
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    actually its just showing we dont overcharge living. notice they are ranked according to the expense of living.
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    Monte Carlo is expensive as you make it.

    Paris is very expensive in my experience, moreso than London. But London isn't cheap either.

    Amsterdam made 20? Damn, I'm going over there soon. Only 2 weeks until next payday. :Releived:
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    Monique - Have you bought a 'Book of lists' recently?
    We've had ten highest paid celebrities, ten richest people, 10 most expensive cities......

    Lets leave the money topic behind and have a better one like.... 10 stupidest experiments, or 10 worst research projects.....
    Any suggestions anyone?
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    Nowwwh, MSN had a link to a website of a major dutch lottery show, where they have the top 10 of things.. since the show is about money, the top 10s are about money.

    For those interested:
    http://www.staatsloterij.nl/miljonairs/milj_top10.shtml [Broken]
    you can use altavista babelfish to translate the webpage.

    I thought it would be fun to look into these things, not?
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