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10 richest Americans

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    1. Bill Gates - 46 miljard dollar
    2. Warren Buffet - 36 miljard dollar
    3. Paul Allen - 22 miljard dollar
    4. Helen Walton - 20,5 miljard dollar
    5. S. Robson Walton - 20,5 miljard dollar
    6. John Walton - 20,5 miljard dollar
    7. Jim Walton - 20,5 miljard dollar
    8. Alice Walton - 20,5 miljard dollar
    9. Larry Ellison - 18 miljard dollar
    10. Michael Dell - 13 miljard dollar

    Miljard = Billion

    Again, from Forbes. I am not sure where to get the 10 richest of the world..
    kinda difficult to find out with all the different currencies and those people might be shy of the law

    Bill Gates made 3 Billion dollars in the last year (!)
    No. 4-8 are the Walton family = Wal-Mart!!
    (I'm surprised) together 102.5 Billion dollar..
    I feel bad about highlighting such people, but hey! Anyone can read Forbes..
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    I wonder.. what do they eat for diner?
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    - Warren
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    Imagine if those rich bastards decided to donate just 5% of their accumulated wealth (which they obtained through the sweat and blood of the common workers) to eliminating Third World Debt? The world would be a better place, I believe. However, they continue to accumulate, profit and supply the demand.
    Maybe some time in a far-off future our capitalistic world will recognise such huge excesses in greed for what they truly are - obscene acts of global criminality without borders or morals.
    A profitable company is seen as praiseworthy, and is valued by our society. However, when insane men hoard more than whole starving nations – then its time America (and the rest of its cronies, like us Aussies) took a long hard look at the road it walks down. Because we all know where that road ends…
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    Don't be jealous, it is out of hard work and intelligence that they create their wealth !
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    Too right! Why do people resent others so much? It is totally unnecessary. Are they really 'bastards' just because they have money?. I'm sure that Nommos Prime has far more wealth than 90% of the worlds population - how much of your fortune are you giving away then, or do you only mean those richer than you?

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    Well, what percentage of the human population lives in so called 'third world' countries? What is a person to do with 20 billion dollar.. I cannot even image how much it would take to spend that much money, is it possible?

    If not, I would say donate all the money that can't be spent before death and invest it in something good.

    I am not sure what these people do with their money, so I can't comment really, but they probably have 20 cars in their garage, 6 vacation villas, own an island in the pacific etc. = filthy rich.

    I once saw some energy requirements of Americans, OMG! Do you know how wastefull people are with energy over there?? I think my dad still has that lying around.. it had really interesting statistics..
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    Why use terms such as FILTHY rich? I thought that this was the Physics Forum not the Revolutionary Communist Party one!

    Are all rich people to be condemned then? Are the poor all deserving cases? If someone manages to raise themselves up from nothing to become successful should we then despise them?

    Let's cut out the Rich = Bad generalisations please!
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    Ya we're pretty much resource hogs. But the majority of americans are not filthy rich. In fact, most are below the median. I think that's a popular misconception.
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    Most of us are below the median? Good trick.
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    Well, about half of all people are below average intelligence you know ....
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    Half can be below the median or the average..

    Adrian, you sound offended, are you rich? As I said, not all rich people are condemed. But they earn their money somewhere right??? They would be very VERY selfish to keep it all to themselves. It would be VERY selfish too to spend it all on luxery items, enhancing the lives of people who don't really need enhancement. Rather spend the money in a way which will actually make this world a better place to live in.

    No, that doesn't mean spend it on me, but people in wellfare societies seem to live in this ignorant bliss that everything is perfect.

    And yes, Zantra, why do you think most of the Americans are below median income? Maybe because there are so many incredibly wealthy people?? As I said earlier in another thread, the spread in wages in The Netherlands is quite small, in the US it is really large.
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    Just what makes someone deserve to earn billions of dollars, and what makes someone deserve to die from starvation. Noone deserves it, don't take it for granted.
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    Ok ok, you got me. I meant to say that the average salary in america is about 40k, and only 30 percent earn more than that. onlt 5 percent earn over 50k/year, and only 1 percent over 100k/year.
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    I am not jealous of the filthy rich. If anything, I pity them. Fuelling economies in a poker game where those with the most cannot possibly lose.
    What do I do to help the world with my slave-wage? Child sponsorship, I am politically active (member of the Nuclear Disarmament Party), and I use (what little) money is left after my wage to self-publish analysis and books on subjects.
    I am probably “richer” than 90% off the world’s population. However, I still live just above the official government “poverty-line”. The reason I am richer than 90% of the population in the world is solely because of these filthy rich people. When 95% of the world’s economy is controlled and owned by a handful of transnational corporations, then it doesn’t take a genius to work out that there is only 5% of wealth left for the whole rest of the world to have access to it.
    When people say these guys amassed their fortunes through hard work and such, I am amazed. What do you call a common worker’s working day? Not hard work?
    That people believe these guys “deserve” to hoard such excesses, probably makes invasions of Iraq much easier to enact through deceit.
    And “What can be done with 20 billion dollars, what will it do?”
    I saw on the news that it costs 87 billion dollars to reconstruct Iraq. Well – that’s a start…
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    Re: Praiseworthy?

    I agree.
  19. Nov 5, 2003 #18
    Re: Re: Praiseworthy?

    Based on what? The figures quoted above are incorrect for a start. Even if a 'handful' of companies owned and controlled 95% of the economy (untrue) that doesn't mean that NON-owners don't get access to wealth. Have you not heard of salaries to workers in those companies?

    Sharing wealth as in communism was a massive failure impoverishing millions. What system has worked better than capitalism?
    I could continue to write far more, but don't have the time...or inclination.

    No I am not rich Monique - I am a school teacher.
  20. Nov 5, 2003 #19
    Sharing wealth is also at the heart of every first-world capitalist country (though, due to the Republicans in power, this is becoming less and less so). Why do you see things in such a black and white manner? From what I can tell no one here has proposed communism, nor can communism be derived from the view that the super rich do not deserve all of their wealth. Saint said that billionaires deserve their wealth because it was a product of hard work and intelligence. Even ignoring the obvious exceptions to this rule do to inheritance this view is more than wanting. As Nommos noted, many people whose wealth is be far surpassed (far doesn't even capture the difference) by the super rich have a good work ethic and intelligence. There is no mapping of degree of merit to degree of wealth! The wealth of the super rich is made possible by the hard work of the middle and lower classes. In closing I am going to put forth my own view, a view that I think many people here share.

    Disparity in wealth is perfectly fine. The notion that people are motivated to work harder and be more creative is spurred by the desire to amass more wealth is true. What is not ok is allowing people to have exorbitant amounts of wealth at the expense of education, health care, and most of all hope for the future for the poor. In other words, just because people's place in life is determined by what choices they have does not mean that we should not try to give them better choices. Redistribution of wealth does not imply making everyone equal, it is simply a means towards social justice.
  21. Nov 5, 2003 #20
    I totally agree, but it is the degree to which redistrubution happens that taxes (no pun intended) the politicians and populations of most decently run countries. We can all disagree about exactly how much redistribution takes place (that's politics) but calling the Rich Filthy, or impling that they are somehow corrupting society is just unnecessary and misguided.
    Shall we call all the poor people, dirty snivelling wasters, who are too feckless to care for themselves? No - because it is totally unnecessary, narrow minded, bigoted rubbish!
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