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10 synchronized clocks

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    I need to build 10 7segment clocks that will be synchronized among themselves.
    [Just a regular clock that will display the current hour, only 10 of those, and in different places in the room].

    I thought about building a microProcessor-based clocks that will be synchronized among themselves.

    How do I do it in that way or any other way?

    Any suggestions will be great!

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    10 radio controlled clocks.
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    How are they powered? If they can count AC Mains 60Hz zero-crossings, they will stay synchronized automatically.
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    And how precise does it have to be? There are now methods that can be used to synchronize two clocks with a precision better than 1 part in 10^18 over a distance of a few km.
    Now, I am guessing that you don't need that kind of precision:wink: but the point is that there are standardized methods for synchronizing clocks with very high precision; so the question is what you need?
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    Repeat the display part 10 times but you may need extra transistor stages to allow the clock chip to drive 10 displays.. Always will be locked and only one setting operation. Link by a ring - 17 way mini cable. Chip is AT90S2313

    Maxim make clock and display chips.
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