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10 yo old girl tasered by police

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    Wow! I don't know which part I'm more surprised about, that the mother called the police in the first place, or that the police officer tasered the child. Either way, if I was the father, I'd be lobbying for sole custody immediately!
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    Well so much for his career. At least he did this as opposed to shooting her... I bet Whatshername will probably not argue with her mother about taking a shower before bed though.
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    This is what happens if you don't beat them at an earlier age, you have to taze them.
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    on top of that

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    I bet you anything that this was caused by the use of two tasers at one time. All it takes is for the charge to cross your heart and it can stop. All these men should have been charged. I can't believe they did not provide CPR or get a defibrillator, both of which would, most likely, have revived him. I think there should have been talk of manslaughter charges.

    Proper training is required as to when and how a taser should be used. I don't have any problem with tasers as a alternative to shooting or blunt force trauma, but when you are stupid or reckless this kind of thing can happen.

    What happened to self-defense training to arrest an unarmed man? these were all grown men. Surely they can subdue one unruly individual without using a taser 4 times.
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    Why use a compliance lock when you have the possibility to release the beast in you legally and cause pain and death ? I bet the policeman find it very funny to taser ppl.
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    Oh, he used a stun gun. I thought the prongs came out, stuck in her and shocked her. That would be a lot worse.
    Still, if the mother used a stun gun on her child, she'd go to jail for child abuse. Somehow cops are exempt from that.
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    While it sounds like he was acting stupid, what was the chance he was scared of being hit with a sexual abuse charge if he restrained her physically? Are police in the area immune to such things if done as part of their job?
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    There is another risk of him seriously injuring her while she struggled if he physically restrained her. My assumption is that, in the situation he was in, he had no choice but to take the child into custody (to be placed with social services, or whatever the local equivalent is). Once this decision has been made, some method of restraining her was necessary. It was his assessment that it was less risky to use the taser than to physically restrain her. Had he tried to handcuff her while she struggled, he could have ended up breaking her arm, and then we'd have a thread on here about how a police officer broke the arm of a 10 year old girl, instead of tasered.

    I think he was in an impossible situation, and had to make a decision. The blame more properly lies with the mother (and possibly the father, since we don't have any back-story), for doing such a poor job raising her child that it got to the point where she felt she had to call the police in the first place.
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    Calling the police because your kid won't take a shower? Why didn't the mother use some common sense and back off? Obviously she was only making matters with the child worse. If she had half a brain, she would have let the kid calm down and go to bed and then scheduled her and her daughter for counseling and sounds like she could use some parenting classes.

    Maybe in hindsight the officer should have just left the scene. The child wasn't attacking the mother from what the article says. The child was on the floor not harming herself or the mother. Why was the officer trying to take her into custody? This makes no sense.
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    I wonder how the mother would be feeling if the tassing had killed the girl? Would she be held responsible for manslaughter?
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    I think he should have tased the mother.
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    Yea. This kind of stuff really pisses me off. In my opinion the kid would be better off if the mother WAS tassed and left for dead.
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    0%. Here's why:

    Sexual abuse is defined as a sex act* committed by one person by force on another person, or against that other person's will.

    *A sex act occurs when one person’s genitals touch another person’s mouth or genitals, or when a substitute for a person’s genitals, such as fingers or an object, touches another person’s genitals.

    In my opinion, it is absolutely ridiculous to taser a child. Terrible conflict resolution skills demonstrated by both parties.
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    I am not sure if the officer was required to stop the girl..

    but unruly children are just pain in the a**.
    (Last incident was when officer kicked/slapped/punched a 18 yrs old girl inside the jail under camera. So, I guess they haven't really determined how to deal with the kids)
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    It must have been the mothers decision to take the child into custody. I'm pretty sure on domestic disturbance calls and theres a fight that's how it works. They see what the problem is and try and resolve it on scene. Normally it involves fighting spouses though and the female will say that they want to press charges or not as well they might just say the want them removed.

    So him being called for this wasn't his fault... and taking her into custody that's not his fault either (I don't think at least.) He did get kicked in the groin apparently and maybe that aggravted him into using the taser. I do not think that it was necessary at all it would be like he spray pepper spray into her eyes or put her into a police hold (like the one with your arm behind your back... hurts A LOT).

    I mean like this man is trained to be able to take down criminals who sometimes may be larger than himself and he couldn't subdue a 10 year old child? Really... seems far fetched. I don't think he should be held solely responsible however they should review their training of use of tasers and when is proper times to use them. Possibly even add min/max ages that they can be used against.

    A friend of mine who just finished police foundations said to me that the use of tasers is only like 1 step away from lethal force on the force continuum. I looked it up and it seems he was correct.
    A taser can be classified as a 'less lethal' use of force. What this means is that the officer is using this instead of pulling out their gun and shooting.
    This definition of a taser comes from:
    http://www.less-lethal.org/web/definitions.aspx [Broken]

    Comes from:http://www.ontario.cmha.ca/policy_positions.asp?cID=25628 [Broken]

    Yes I understand Ontario is different than the states but the use of force continuum used in most states is the same as the one in Ontario.
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    It all depends on the area and their laws. I actually had a co-worker who went to the police academy and was training to be an officer who was completely let loose and barred from consideration after he improperly handled a female juvenile during a ride along. Where I live it is nearly always necessary for a female officer to handle female suspects and detainees.

    Would you use the same techniques to restrain a 10 year old girl that you were trained to use on full grown adults?

    Not that he should have used a stun gun on her though. Its really hard to say just what he should have done since we weren't there and, I at least, don't know the laws and policies in the area.
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