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100 Digit Calculator / Program

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    Does anyone know a spreadysheet type of a program that can calculate 100 digit numbers to 20-30 decimal places?
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    Thank you I'll try moving it to the software section.

    The excel plugins that you recomended do not handle very large numers.
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    Scraped directly from the web pages I gave you:

    "Numerate Pro allows full arbitrary precision calculations in any cell simply by setting the desired precision."

    "If you're a programmer, you can also call xlPrecision's arbitrary-precision (bignum, multi-precision) arithmetic library functions directly from your own programming code."

    "Recent Features
    Arbitrary precision integer functions.
    Arbitrary precision floating-point functions."

    Where are you finding it documented that these do not handle "very large numbers"?
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    I looked at the example on the front page. But it seems that you can get 2,147,483,648 digits which is great. But its a paid version. And for the free version you have to get a confirmation code for every calculation. That would not work for me.

    I tried to look for the Math&Science Software section on this forum but could not find it.
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    Does it have to be a spreadsheet?
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