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100% efficiency plus hydrosonic pump

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    Have any of you heard of the hydrosonic pump? It is an "over unity" device that actually works. It is said to produce about 1/3 more energy in heat than it requires in electricity to produce. It is not a perpetual motion machine because it does not produce enough energy to run itself (converting steam to electrical power is very inefficient). But still, it produces more heat energy than is input in the form of electricity.

    The inventor, a man named James L. Griggs, believes it to be the result of induced cavitation (a situation that a designer usually tries to avoid, where flash steam is created by changes in pressure in a pump.)

    The invention had some problems with bearings and NASA provided some solutions in exchange for some technology rights to the device.


    The device is in commercial use. Here is a web site for the company.

    http://www.hydrodynamics.com/index.htm [Broken]

    Here are some discussions on the greater than 100% efficiency claims.

    http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~wayfarer/anomaly/technology/runswater_trans.htm [Broken]

    What do you think?
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    Not sure I understand it (I only looked at it for a minute), but it looks like the extra energy comes out of the water as heat.
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    I saw a video on the pump...... looked impressive. I'd like to see a small one work or buy a small one,but I didn't see any for sale. hmmmmmmm does it really exist?

    .........Love one another...........
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    It may not be a perpetual motion machine, but doesn't it still violate conservation of energy by producing more energy than is require to operate it?
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    that cant be right, it cant even be 100% efficient because of entropy
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    He said "it produces more heat energy than is input in the form of electricity". Obviously there is something other than electricity that is contributing energy into the system.
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