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100% ethanol ?

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    100% ethanol ??

    Hi All

    First off, this is one cool site, lots of neat info.

    Now for my question. I have to clear an argument with one of my students. I work in an emergency department and I was teaching them the role of different alcohol poisonings and how we treat the overdoses. Ever so long ago (15yrs) I was told in bio-chem that 100% ethanol was not possible due to the nature of the molecule. This student works in a lab and said that there was 100% ethanol available.

    SO...... is it possible? or is it really 98%'ish and for the sake of argument labs label it as 100 %

    Thanks all
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    I haven't heard that.

    But ususally, ethanol is denatured, meaning a small amount of another solvent is purposefully added to it.

    A lab I used to work at used un-denatured (= natured?) ethanol, but they had to register with the local Alcohol Control Board. As I understood, that was "pure" ethanol, but I didn't work with it directly so I don't know the details. I do remember that the bottles wouldn't last long, not because we were imbibing, but because it would get contaminated easily by water.
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    100% ethanol is possible, just not from typical distillation. Don't ask me how I know because I will just plead the 5th. :cool:
    Pure ethanol has a great affinity for water and will absorb it from the air until it is only about 96% pure.
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    Thanks all

    Since I only have dial-up at home I could only find out that there is 99.99% pure due to the fact they have to use benzene to remove the 4% water and then remove the benzene. Perhaps a better question is "medical grade ethanol" 100% ? and why would you bother if you could get 96% since I am sure it is very expensive to get that extra 4 % when we mix the ethanol in a saline solution to get 10% solution

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    Yes, 100% medical grade ethanol is sold as USP grade.

    I use this to recrystallize deliquescent materials. The 190 proof (95%) grade will cause these materials to 'oil out' instead of recrystallizing.
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    Yes, for some applications, we need 100% ethanol as well, as water in it will interfere with what we are doing, and yes, it is a LOT more expensive and requires a license to purchase. For most other uses, we use histology grade, which is 95% ethanol and 5% isopropanol and methanol (I don't think how much of each is specified, but if it mattered, I'm sure it could be found out). For medical applications, I don't know of any reason you'd ever need more than 95% ethanol, as long as there was no methanol contamination, and usually 70% is adequate for all the usual purposes.
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    does that considering the hyrogen bonding that can Alcohol form between molecules itself?..if so..certainly alcohol can not ever be in conc. of 100%.
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    in theoretical degree, it is possible.
    by repeating the fractional distillation of a solution of ethanol and water, you will finally get about 96% of ethanol solution in terms of purity. Then, using CaO to help you remove the remained water.

    but in fact, it does not exsit. by both environmental factors and practical factor.
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    It doesn't exist? What do you mean? You cannot certainly make 100% ethanol by distillation, but you can synthesize it in many ways.
    If you use sodium ethoxide, you would need to *add* water, to make ethanol! :

    Na(OCH2CH3) + H2O --> NaOH + CH3CH2OH

    This reaction is also an example of how you can eliminate water from ethanol.
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    To eliminate water completely from ethanol an example is to use an hydride, as LiALH4:

    LiAlH4 + 4H2O --> LiOH + Al(OH)3 + 4H2
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