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100% Online Electrical Engineering Program

  1. Dec 6, 2016 #41
    He already answered this perfectly: "As a hiring manager, I don't care where a candidate obtains their education. I care that the candidate's competencies align with the job and that s/he has the motivation, integrity, curiosity and sense of ownership that will produce effective results. In my experience, comprehensive interviewing techniques do a good job of selecting candidates that fit the above criteria."

    Its as clear as it gets.
  2. Jun 27, 2017 #42
    Hi everyone. Please excuse my bad English as its not my 1st language.
    I just came across this great thread and I'd like to thank everyone for the input as most of my questions got answered here. I however still have a few more questions that I can't seem to find answers for on the net.

    *I just recently submitted my application for the online BSE Electrical Engineering program at ASU and my very 1st concern is whether I'll get accepted.
    - I'm a South African and our high school education system is different from the US system; we don't use the gpa format for grades but just percentages. I however came across some website that could convert my South African highschool diploma grades to a gpa format and I ended up with an average gpa of 2.7 (HighShool GPA: [http://imgur.com/a/8dcfH]) which is lower than whats required, will this disqualify me?

    *In addition, I did take two years of college level classes and my gpa improved to 2.85 (completed University Courses GPA:[​IMG] [http://imgur.com/a/AqBD0]) which is still lower than whats required.
    - I was registered for a technical oriented diploma program(for technicians) in Electrical Engineering in some University in my country, I later dropped out after i found that I can't become an Engineer in this route. Since I already got exposure into Electrical Engineering studies, what are my chances of getting accepted with a low gpa of 2.85 as an international student?

    *When I do get accepted I'd like to complete this program in 2.5 years (preferably not longer then 3 years ). I have no kids, no wife, no job and my plan is do this program on a full time basis (~50 study hours per week) by taking 3 subject per every a 8week term. However B-Rad12 mentioned in his 2015 post that the school was previously not offering many EE courses per semester, how is the situation at this preset moment? Are they now offering sufficient courses per semester that will enable me register 3 courses at the same time during every 8week term?

    *As to how the online students take exams is a question that have crossed my mind for quiet some time now...can someone please tell me how are the exams for online students conducted? Do you take the exam on paper or online? Is the exam scheduled or can I take the exam whenever i feel ready for it?

    *Lastly, if my application is unsuccessful (which will presumably be due to low gpa) are there any affordable and accredited(and accepted by ASU) prerequisites courses that I can do online at a short period of time to improve my GPA for ASU? I'm currently doing the following three freshmen courses offered by ASU via Edx; PreCalculus, College Algebra and English Composition, will three courses (with good grades of-course) be enough to get me into ASU?

    Thanks in advanced for the prompt respond
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2017
  3. Dec 19, 2017 #43
    Would like to know about research papers and capstone projects required for this program. I am a former navy electrician who is working as an electrical and instrumentation tech in a manufacturing environment.
  4. Apr 8, 2018 #44
    Looking to transfer from a CC. any feedback about the course from anyone that graduated, and have you been able to find employment? Any other info definitely helpful and appreciated. Best thread on the web did this topic.
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