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$100 Robotic Arm

  1. Jan 16, 2010 #1

    I want to see this design move forward. Before I can work on the mechanical engineering aspects of the motors: I want to work on my position control system.

    (Cheap geared DC motors like those from solarbotics/chinese drill motors seem ideal if I can convert them in to servos somehow.

    I'm also considering DIY worm wheels drawing from the astronomy field but that's getting off topic.)

    Rather than going with the potentiometer/optical encoder positioning that seems popular on many systems/servos: for ultra-low budget reasons: I'm inclided to go with a CCD active motion capture setup wiimote style.


    Now: If I put and IR filter on several of these cameras and affix them to the arm on each axis of movement: I imagine I can keep the robotic arm in a room with line of sight to multiple reference IR LEDs, and I can use this code:
    http://code.google.com/p/lasertraq/ [Broken]

    to translate the video feed in to positional feedback on the arm.

    I guess is what I'm looking for is suggestions/constructive criticism. Trouble you anticipate I might run in to from your experience in such things. Not being a CS/Mechatronics expert, I have no experience to draw from on the: "in over my head" scale.

    Flame away.
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