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100 years of flight: today

  1. Dec 17, 2003 #1
    I have been reading into some of the engineering behind the Wright Flyer. It's pretty astounding. These guys were truly amazing.

    Some particular points that I find interesting.

    1)The airfoil design: They designed and tested a model using a crude wind-tunnel.

    2)The propellor design: They engineered wood propellers which were amazingly efficient (even by todays standards: give or take)

    3)They designed and built thier own IC engine from scratch since they couldn't afford (or find) a commercial product meting thier requirements. :|

    4)They didn't die in the project.

    Is it just me or were these guys in a league of thier own, especially when you consider their backgrounds and budget? How did they master such a broad range of engineering discipline in their spare time? I am feeling very small at this point: so I will stop now.

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    Scientists and engineers think a lot alike. They had the required mindset and the tenacity to use it to find the answer. Amazing, but not unforseeable.
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