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1000 ways to die

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    Anyone have any information on if the deaths on the show really happened? I was watching it at a friends house and his wife was adamant that the deaths really happened the way the show said they did. I can't find any information online debunking it. I'm confident the deaths didn't happen like that, if the deaths even happened at all.
    Regardless, this show will make your head hurt from watching how stupid it is. I guess it's made for the credulous people who like that sort of thing and readily believe it without question.
    All you have to do is show an angle and say it's from a security camera and the dumb people who watch that show will say "See? I told you it was real."
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    I have no idea what you're talking about. What show?
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    Watch it sometime and see what you think. Some are really funny, some are gruesome.

    http://www.spike.com/show/27237" [Broken]

    Unless Spike is not available there.
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    I think this show is awesome. This one and Manswers are the best shows on spike.
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