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11 dimensions proposed by string theory

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    I am interested in the 11 dimensions proposed by string theory. What defines these dimensions and have they been identified.
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    i've been able to somewhat grasp the 4th spatial dimension,

    the 5th is out of my mind's capability.

    you're talking about 11?

    Don't go there sista.
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    maybe if one was to look at another of the dimensions the first four would be clearer. Perhaps they are grouped with similar properties like the first four dimensions. anyway, interesting stuff.
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    The extra-dimensions idea comes from mathematical calculations done in string theory, which is one of the candidates for a theory of quantum gravity. For a rather good introductory tutorial, go to this site:


    String theory is recently criticized for not producing any measurable results, but there is still hope. Perhaps the new high energy colliders scheduled to come on-line in the near future will give us better information, or perhaps some observations in deep field astrophysics will prove convincing.

    Hope this helps.

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    Lawrence Krauss's new book Hiding in the Mirror is an excellent discussion of the idea of more dimensions and "other" dimensions in popular culture, in the arts, and especially in physics. He carefully explains how physicists came to posit extra dimensions and why, considering just the Standard Model, they have very positive things to contribute. It is connected to supersymmetry, which does nice things for unifying the three quantum forces (electromagnetism, strong and weak), and which requires extra dimension to work smoothly. This is all (semi) independent of string physics, and there is a lot of hope that the new collider LHC which is building at CERN, will show some evidence.
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