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115VAC, >1kW Transformer

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    Hi all,

    I am looking for a transformer to convert the 115VAC from the wall to ~100VAC, 10-15A, and 1-1.5kW. Is something like this commercially available? Otherwise how difficult would it be to make?

    Thanks a lot.
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    115V to 100V is unusual, generally equipement isn't that specific - its built to take a small range of inputs jsut to handle unreliable supplies.

    Generally contractor's power tools have to run through a 115V isolating transformer - these shoudl be able to handle 1Kw and are pretty cheap and easy to get.
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    Thanks very much for the help.

    I actually had a typo in my original post however. Our goal is to tranform the 115VAC from the wall to 100VDC. So for the AC transformer I believe I would be looking to convert 115VAC to ~70VAC (=0.707*100Vp).
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    Try getting a variac (variable transformer) which may be adjusted to get 70 Vac. Then you're on your own to make a rectifier circuit for the DC.

    By the way, I would not do this (making your own rectifier circuit) if I didn't already have experience making circuits that work at these high voltage and current levels that you are talking about.

    Ah, what am I thinking? Just get a 100 Vdc power supply, at the current and power level you need.
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    Your calculations only apply if the transformer is lightloaded and you have a sufficiently large smoothing C. How much ripple can you tolerate?

    Output voltage depends on the power rating of the transformer and how much it is loaded. It is not clear cut.

    Maybe there are high current 115 to 115 isolation transfomers available. ...used on building sites. Nearest you will get.
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