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Homework Help: *11th grade chemistry* help

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    Ok now the problem I have here is that the teacher says to always convert C to kelvin (i think thats it). And the formula for that is "C° + 273.15". So well uhhh I dunno what my problem is but I have a feeling I didnt do this right. I got V = .53247 liters. Is that right?

    What I did was multiplied 295.15 (which is 22° C in kelvin) by 0.5 liters. I got 147.575. So I divided 147.575 by 277.15 (which is 4° C in kelvin) which got me .53247 liters.

    Please help cause I just gotta know how to do this so I can do the other 20 or so problems.
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    So, you're showing that the balloon expands as it gets colder? I don't think so.

    How you work this rather depends on what you were taught. You can do it with the Ideal Gas Law (assuming pressure remains constant), or you could try Charles' Law:

    http://members.aol.com/profchm/charles.html [Broken]
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    Yeah my bad I got it working now. I forgot to use Charles law lol.
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