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12 ft. wheel, drive ratio .

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    I need some correct info for a project I am working on........ this site looks like it may well be able to help me .
    the problem is as follows;

    I have a 12'ft. wheel that I need to turn at a maximum of 60 rpm.
    the shaft from the power supply turns at 2300 rpm.

    what would be the gear ratio to drive that wheel to only 60 rpm top speed ?

    I know it is a reduction gear set up.
    I would like to use steel gearing for this project .


    thank you .
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    Looks like, ideally, you want the ratio to be 6/230 which is quite a bit to accomplish in a single stage of spur gearing. But that's the answer to your question as asked.
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    I don't know whether or not you consider this to be "one direct drive ratio", but it seems to me that an epicyclic set-up would be the way to go for that kind of ratio.
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    jack action

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    Well, I'll be dipped... I've never heard of that thing before. If it's legit, I am extremely interested in getting my mitts on a few.
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    O.K. - O.K.,
    let me present this problem in the correct & open manner,

    the wheel is for a side paddle wheeler boat.
    I have many power sorce, v-6, v-8, v-12.

    some have a max power of rpm of 5600 rpm.

    I don`t need to run the rpm that high, although the max power is achieved at that high rpm.

    I plan to max the output shaft to the wheel axel at about 2500 rpm ......
    the wheels can only turn at 60 rpm max.....(they lose power after that rpm & are operating under peak power output).

    it would be nice to have the output shaft run at the same rpm in all gears (if an automotive automatic transmission is used).
    you know....... low, 2nd, 3rd & 4th + 5th .

    running all these gears with the H.P. & torque in different rpm & gears ....... to the shaft ........where is attaches to the paddle wheel axel.

    its like a auto engine & transmission ....... a drive shaft to the differential axel to the wheels .
    the only way to go........ it can be done.

    I have tried to get the gear ratios for tractor gearbox &wheels ......... not much luck .

    here is what I need:

    say........ 2 ----16'ft. paddle wheels as on a side paddle wheel yacht , that will turn at a maximum of 60 rpm with the most h.p. & torque possible .
    kind of like a drive unit that will only turn a max of 60 rpm no matter what power sorce is attached to the reduction unit .

    whew..........! ha .
    that said .........I will continue to search for the ultimate reduction gear unit ....... I`ll get it someday !

    L. A. ROSA .
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    jack action

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    What you want is a CVT. For your application, I would suggest looking at an hydrostatic transmission found on many tractors.

    Also, many years ago, I visited CVTCORP when they were a start-up company and they seem to have a very nice toroidal CVT. They seem to still be in business, it might be worth giving them a call.
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