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12 v 7 ah battery charger

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    12 v 7 ah battery charger urgent

    hello everyone
    i am getting stuck with 12 v 1 amp adapter and with 12 7ah smf leada acid battery .
    i give supply from adapter to battery through 1n4007 and then from this batttery to my microcontroller kit.
    by this my batteyr get charged and kit gets supply also at the same time but i am feeling there is some mistakes.
    so please guide me
    my need is: i am to chargemy 12v battery with 12 v adpter and continuoly give supply to my microcontroller kit.
    in that period it will cahrge battery and when power goes then give supply from battery
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    Re: 12 v 7 ah battery charger urgent

    The common way of doing this is to have the battery always providing the power and charge the battery at the same time.

    Example for a computer UPS.

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