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12 volt heating pad

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    I am not an engineer or an electrician. I would like some advice on designing and building a 12 volt electric heating pad.
    I am thinking I would like it to warm to 150-200 degree in 3-4 minutes, that is just a thought.
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    These are two good reasons not to proceed further with this project.
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    that is reason 3 think about what that temp would do to someones skin. Not including the fact that you shouldn't play with electricity without formal training.

    edit:just realized your probably talking Fahrenheit, not Celsius lol
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    200F would still be dangerous for skin contact - even if there were no actual roast pork smell.
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    Heating something quickly is not difficult - unless. Unless it is large and takes a lot of heat, or is boiling off a liquid. Companies like Minco make off-the shelf heaters for these applications, but if your playing with these temperatures, you need thermal protection devices to prevent fire, and guard structures to keep people from being hurt.

    No one will sell such a product without UL approving it first.

    This may not seem like much until the judge declares that all your liquid assets and 30% of your future income is awarded to someone you hurt.
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    Thanks Mike. Those temps. may be more than I need. Actually I'm thinking I can lower the actual temp. and use more insulation. My pad will only be about 16"x 24"
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    I plan to form a L.L.C. if I put this in prouction. I have came up with an idea and am wanting to build a proto
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    You need to learn about flexible resistive heating elements/wire, insulating materials, power systems design, industrial design (make it attractive and durable) and lastly about the regulatory agencies concerned with safety in the country you want to sell it.

    I'd start by taking apart the products most similar to what you want to produce, and looking at all the regulatory icons on the package.

    Your best bet is to contract with an experienced manufacturer of heating pads.
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    Great idea I will go to a thrift shop and buy an electric blank or heating pad.
    Thanks Big Guy
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