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12 Year old youngest ever in Medical school

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    How old was Dougie Howser when he went to medical school?
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    doogie howser was a TV show, not real. But I think he was 16 when he graduated medical school. Don't know when he started.
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    Geez, I think I was still watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and making sand castles in my sandbox at 12. Anyone have stories on the social development and happiness of prodigys later in life?
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    I find it amusing that he is Asian (like me). In Canada, and in the States I notice that a lot of Asians go to become a Physician, or Dentist.

    Statistically, Asians succeed in mathematics and school (since most of our parents stress highly on school).

    I have yet to enter a Medical office without seeing the names of "Chan", "Lee" or "Ng".

    More and more asians are going into Computer Science too.
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    My Cardiologist is Asian. However
    he is not 12 years old.
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    I'm not asian and I'm going into the medical profession. You're correct there is a lot of pressure on asian students from thier parents to succeed. And I'd also like to point out that the suicide rate in Japan is triple what it is in the US, and it's still rising. Ultimately individuals are limited by factors such as intelligence. No amount of pressure can change that, and so some aren't able to keep up with thier parent's expectations. I'm not saying that there isn't room for improvement in the U.S. School system, but I also think that the Japanese and other asian cultures essentially kill the childhood, which is critical and essential to the well being of an idividual.

    Personally my mindset has always been one of sucess, but not at the cost of more important things such as SANITY. Or to be more precise, my mental health and well being. You can only take so much pressure before you snap. And that's a universal human characteristic. If asians are more committed to education, then they are lacking in other areas such as FUN Another side note is that I've come to understand that in China the female population outnumbers the male population, so a chinese woman can be more selective when looking for a mate. And of course a promising young doctor, lawyer, or other high paying profession makes a better catch than a laborer. So there are factors playing into this.`
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    My Cardiologist is Asian and he's
    a fun guy. However, he is not
    twelve years old.
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    Not only is it Japan, but I notice the Chinese as well. In fact, most of the Chinese (statistically), are very talented in mathematics, and usually do end-up graduating from a University. Especially the ones in North America.

    Usually parents realize when their kid is limited by their abilities. A lot of asian parents would just make their kid practice even more. If their child has problems with writing and grammar, they would make the kid practice and send him to special schools until he got the idea. It sounds harsh, but it works. Luckily my parents aren't like that. They do have rather high expectations for my schooling though, and my brother like most Asians went into the science field in University.

    Well, again I will use statistics as not to look like a prejudice *******. Statistically speaking, from an African-American Judge in the US, said that most African-Americans spend most of their money on clothes and apparel.

    However, most Asians spend their money on educating their kids, including extra classes, music lessons etc. through their childhood. I don't think this is killing one's childhood, is it? My parents allowed me to take many lessons as a child, and I still do. I have fun and relax just as much as the next person.

    So true. I think this is more common in sports though, like in Canada, where hockey-dads can put exceedingly high pressure on their child, and even end-up hurting or threatening other people. :(

    I do agree that for the majority of Asians, they lack the idea of fun and adventure.

    Most of the Asians that become Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists, Accountants or Scientists usually hail from a larger city in China (including Hong Kong), and study in Canada, usually to start University or High School. This is highly common in British Columbia, and Ontario.
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    LOL.. OK we get it, he's 12 and he's asian.

    Bobby Fischer was Caucasian. Einstein was german. All geniuses are not asian.hehe
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    That didn't make much sense...
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    neither did zoob. I'm not sure if he's point out the fact that the kid is 12, or that he's asina *shrug*
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    As soon as puberty hits, it'll be game over :smile:
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    I was watching CNN last week when they had this kid on there. Suprisingly, he's not one of those quiet kids that just sits there and studies. He enjoys conversing, goes out nightly, plays video games, etc. And he openly admitted that his mom has not put any pressure on him at all.
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    Big deal... have you ever talked to a physician? They are as dumb as the sh:t they excrete. Medical school is for morons.

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    hmmm......that wasn't a very nice thing to say :frown:.
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    No need to be bitter- you still got the hot chicks:wink:
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    In what way are Physicians dumb? I admit, some are but the majority of them are pretty intelligent.

    I'm surprised that he goes out. Most Asians usually stay home and study, especially the really intelligent ones.

    I wonder why he decided to go to Chicago to study. Statistically, a lot of Asians head to M.I.T. or UC-Berkeley.
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    I guess he doesn't subscribe to the asian newsletter:wink: Seriously- a 12 year old may be intellectually capable, but that doesn't necessarily mean emotionally advanced. He probably didn't factor in culture when selecting a university.
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