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1200 mph bird?

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    Please take the time to debunk this guy's video:

    He is claiming that because the bird in frame goes through the frame very quickly, that it is traveling faster than the plane in the background.

    He is failing to recognize that the bird is much closer than the plane.

    Another respondent, Conotoxin posted an extensive explanation pointing out that the field of view 10 feet from the camera is much smaller than the field of view 810 feet from the end of the camera (the minimum distance it could be, given the plane hit WTC2 on the 81st floor.

    And then the video owner deleted the explanation.

    I am not sure if the guy is just dumb, or if he is trying to manipulate unscientific people into buying into his conspiracy theories.

    I have already debunked a couple of his videos, so he has blocked me.

    If this community were to take an interest, then we could at least keep persistent posts on his videos pointing out how dumb they are.

    Thank you.
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    Something like that I would think was common sense. Does he convince anyone of these things?..........WAIT.......I don't want to know the answer to that.:rolleyes:
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    So what exactly is his conspiracy theory? That George Bush has created some sort of Super Bird that was responsible for 9/11? I don't quite get it.

    In my oppinion it goes in front of the WTC building, so it could be 10 feet away as someone said. So there really is no mystery here...

    Just let him live in his own paranoid world, if he's stooping so low as to think that a fast moving bird has some significance, he's obviously beyond rational thinking. lol

    For example look at his other video:

    He's out to lunch.
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    Millions of people saw the 2nd plane hit the WTC live on TV and he's saying it didn't happen? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: The guy is just dumb and there is no point in discussing it. This is why, as a rule, we do not discuss WTC conspiracy theories.
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