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127V AC to 240V AC?

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    How can I use an electronic device that takes 240V AC in an area where the power supply is 127V AC? Clearly I need a step-up transformer, but the only ones I can find convert 110/120V to 220/240V. If I use one of these, will it convert 127V AC to 254V AC (twice 127V)? If so, would it be safe for my electronic equipment for me to use it with this voltage (14V more than it is supposed to take)?
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    Re: 127V DC to 240V DC?

    Is the 127V AC what you have measured or what is specified by the supply company? If your supply is 127V when it's nominally 120V, then it's well within the 10% tolerance obtained from many suppliers and equipment is expected to deal with a wide range.
    That means that your equipment should find your 254V no problem.
    If you are very concerned about this you could measure your supply volts (with a 'good' meter, of course) over a range of times. It may well vary a lot and you may have caught it at a high value when you measured it (if you did).
    I measured my supply some years ago because light bulbs had a very short life. 'They' came around and put a recording meter on my supply then reduced the volts a tad for me.
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