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12t sram

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    I am looking for help on a schematic for a 12 transistor CMOS SRAM cell shown below. I understand how to implement the inverter and transmission gates and how a tri state inverter works, but I am confused when it comes to inverting the input of the buffer and how to tie it all together. Thanks in advance.

    --Sorry, but the image doesn't seem to be appearing after i placed the link in the <img> </img> brackets (with [] instead of <>). Here is the link


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    In terms of "inverting the input of the buffer", it may just be an inverter drawn that way. I'm not familiar with many 12T SRAM circuits, but I believe that an inverter is just an inverter, and showing the inversion circle at the input of the symbol instead of at the output doesn't affect anything (I could be wrong -- I can check at work on Monday).
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    That makes sense, I'm not sure why I got so bogged down in the difference in the symbol. Thanks.
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