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12v converter to 24v

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    when u go up in volts then your amps will go down.
    How can I then increase amps?.
    Is it just by increasing the power of the source?
    Any help. Explain please.
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    Very simple, the current is determined by the effective resistance of the element.

    The current through an element is based on resistance/voltage, and then just use ohm's law (V/R=I)

    The easiest case is resistance. The two ways to increase current through a resistor is to either up the voltage or to pick a resistor with less resistance.

    I am slightly confused by your title though. If you mean a transformer that's a different topic altogether.

    For example, original case, 2x change in windings. Thus you double up voltage. Now this means that current in the primary circuit will be twice more than in the secondary. The current is set by the secondary on the primary. The voltage is set by the primary.
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    Thanks for your answer. I will try to make a better explanation later today.
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