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12V motor output question

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    What output does a 12v motor give. I need to power a heating element that requires 12v, can I do this with a 12v motor? If not what size motor do I need?

    Thank you in advance for any help

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    I think you mean generator, not motor. But that aside, if you are using a 12v battery or your car's alternator, then a resistive heating element is a very high load.

    A large (group 31) deep discharge battery, could supply 500 watts to a heater for probably only 20 minutes. A 50 amp alternator in a car could also do it. Most heaters are 750 to 1500 watts, and most are not designed for 12v operation.

    Do you have more details on the heater?
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    The heating element only needs 12v to heat up to 400c. I don't want to give away too much information :-) but I need to power this element by something cost effective and very small. i.e. the motor. Could I not power that using a motor or is that not how it works? sorry to be so vague completely useless at this but have a really good idea that I would like to work on.


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    How many watts do you need, for how many minutes? I can't tell if you are trying to heat a tiny soldering tip or a whole house in mid winter.
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    It sounds like your goal is to pursue a patent. If that is the case you are taking a big risk coming to a public forum.

    We can only really help you if you share more details.
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    you must at least tell us the wattage of the element, else there is nothing anyone can do to help

    you have already been told ... you need a generator, NOT a motor

    so what will power the generator ?

    again ... if you cant help us, then we cant help you ... its as simple as that

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    Sheesh --- answer the question already. Why tell her she is asking the wrong question.

    Let's assume she has a motor, and sometimes want to use it as a generator. So she can warm up while going down hill on her motorized bike ... or whatever

    So, where's a good link to answer this?

    maybe http://www.scienceshareware.com/bicycle-generator-faq.htm#pm-size

    Without power numbers, you are on your own.
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