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13 Going On 7

  1. May 31, 2004 #1
    13 Going On 7 (Books)

    Alright, my uncle is coming to visit us from the US again so it's time to order some books for him to bring along. The only problem is that this time he's also bringing me a new laptop, so there's not much space left for the books. I have these 13 books in the wish list currently, and I need to reduce the list to around 6-8. Maybe the rest I will ship normally, but Amazon wants $7 per shipment plus $4 per book (grrr!). I have a few books on the same subject so I'm sure some of them could be discarded.

    So if anyone read any of these books, I wouldn't mind to hear your general opinion (just rate it or something) so I can choose the right ones. And one of you lucky posters will win a FREE email greeting card from ME. :tongue2: No but seriously, any help you can offer would be great.

    All links are to Amazon.com and taken directly from my wish list, no affiliation ID or anything is included.

    Why Flip a Coin? : The Art and Science of Good Decisions
    - by H. W. Lewis
    In Search of Schrodinger's Cat: Quantum Physics And Reality
    - by John Gribbin
    Quantum Physics : Illusion or Reality?
    - by Alastair I. M. Rae
    Quantum Reality : Beyond the New Physics
    - by Nick Herbert
    Does God Play Dice: The New Mathematics of Chaos
    - by Ian Stewart
    The Essence of Chaos (The Jessie and John Danz Lecture Series)
    - by Edward N. Lorenz
    - by Gideon Bosker
    Understanding Relativity: A Simplified Approach to Einstein's Theories
    - by Leo Sartori
    Simply Einstein: Relativity Demystified
    - by Richard Wolfson
    Relativity Visualized
    - by Lewis Carroll Epstein
    The Fabric of the Cosmos: Space, Time, and the Texture of Reality
    - by Brian Greene
    Flatland : A Romance of Many Dimensions
    - by Edwin A. Abbott
    The Quantum World : Quantum Physics for Everyone
    - by Kenneth William Ford

    (I've posted this here because, well, the books are all about physics!)
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