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132 kv transmission line help

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    hi friends.

    I am new for transmission 132kv project. For transfer 100MW power about 95km line.

    1. I want to know what is short ckt current and how to calculate it.

    2. load breaking current

    Your kind help required thanks.
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    It depends on the details. This question can not be answered casually in an online forum. You need access to software that does short circuit calculations.
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    jim hardy

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    There's not really enough information here for an "fast and dirty answer" here on the forum.

    The current will depend upon the point in a line at which the fault occurs, the type of fault, how much load was being fed at the time of the fault, among other things.

    For example: for my utility, the SLG fault currents on most of the low side distribution busses are around 3,000 - 6,500 amps. This will be less on the HV transmission lines.

    I'm not sure I'm fully understanding what you mean by load breaking current.

    I might be able to help more if there was more info, but like was already stated above, it'll be nigh impossible to properly analyze this type of system without the aid of computer software, like CAPE.
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    It depends on how accurate you need it.

    According to IEC 60076-5 if the short-circuit apparent power of the system is not specified, the values given in table 2.

    Unfortunately 132kV is not in table the close one is 145 kV: Europe:10000 MVA USA 15000 MVA.

    Take only the reactance about 0.3 ohm/km.

    You may calculate the transmission line parameters according to [for instance]:

    https://www.google.co.il/webhp?sour...ARAMETERS AND MODELLING OF TRANSMISSION LINES

    Or you have to design the transmission line and this is a profession not a formula.
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