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13th International Conference on Neural Information Processing (ICONIP2006)

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    13th International Conference on Neural Information Processing (ICONIP2006)

    Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong

    October 3-6, 2006

    http://www.iconip2006.org/ [Broken]


    The Thirteenth International Conference on Neural Information Processing
    (ICONIP2006) sponsored by the Asia Pacific Neural Network Assembly (APNNA) and
    organized by The Chinese University of Hong Kong, will be held in Hong Kong on
    October 3-6, 2006. You are invited to visit this vibrant and dynamic
    metropolitan to share the progress and research in neural computation,
    statistical processing, machine learning, and other related topics. ICONIP2006
    will include plenary speakers, invited talks, tutorials, special sessions, as
    well as highly selected oral and poster presentations of refereed papers. In
    addition, conference social events along with other local attractions will
    promote interactions among conference delegates.

    Important Dates

    Tutorial & Special session proposal: April 1, 2006
    Paper submission deadline: April 1, 2006
    Notification of acceptance: June 1, 2006
    Final paper submission: July 1, 2006

    Paper Submission

    Authors are invited to submit research and application papers representing
    original, previously unpublished work to ICONIP2006. Submissions are solicited
    in all areas of neural information processing, including (but not limited to)
    the following:

    Neural Network Theory & Models
    -Mathematics of neural networks;
    -Advanced learning algorithms/models;
    -Stability and convergence analysis;
    -Feedforward neural networks;
    -Recurrent neural networks;
    -Evolving neural networks;
    -Self-organizing networks;
    -Reinforcement learning;
    -PCA and ICA;
    -EM algorithm and mixture models;
    -Ensemble learning;
    -Kernel methods and support vector machine

    Computational Neuroscience and Cognitive Science
    -Models of neurons;
    -Simulation of neurons, networks, and systems;
    -Cognitive learning and memory;
    -Attention and consciousness;
    -Emotion and motivation;
    -Perceptual systems

    Neural Network Applications
    -Vision and image processing;
    -Pattern recognition;
    -Auditory processing;
    -Speech processing/recognition;
    -Robotics and control;
    -Biometric and security;
    -Time-series prediction;
    -Financial engineering;
    -Manufacturing systems;
    -Data mining/Web mining;
    -Multimedia and information processing

    Hybrid Systems and Hardware
    -Fuzzy neural systems;
    -Hybrid systems;
    -Genetic algorithms;
    -Evolutionary programming;
    -Reconfigurable systems;
    -Hardware implementation

    Web links to supplementary materials (e.g., software, audio, video,etc.) in
    the manuscripts are encouraged. However, the manuscript must be self-contained
    and reviewers will not be required to review the supplementary materials.

    Accepted papers will be published in Lecture Notes in Computer Science
    (LNCS) by Springer-Verlag (approval pending). In addition, a special issue on
    Neural Information Processing will be published in Neurocomputing based on
    selected papers with substantial expansion after further review.

    Enquiry and Information

    ICONIP2006 Secretariat
    Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering
    The Chinese University of Hong Kong
    Shatin, NT, Hong Kong

    http://www.iconip2006.org/ [Broken]
    E-mail: iconip2006@cse.cuhk.edu.hk
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