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15 minutes per minute

  1. Jul 25, 2007 #1
    What goes at the rate of 15 seconds per second?
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    [color="#black"]15x fast forward on my DVD player[/color]
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    The hour hand on a 24 hour clock
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    dontdisturbmycircles might be right, I never timed it. But daveb is certainly right. The answer I was looking for was the earth spinning on its axis. 15 seconds of arc per 1 second of time.
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    There's a perfectly good reason why no one times clocks. It's based on assumption but it's pretty reliable :smile: even if you didn't have acces to any technology, you'd quickly be able to see whether your clock was accurate, just by going outside once in a blue moon, or if you worked by seeing the expression on your bosses face, either delight at you being so prompt or scorn at you being so late.
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