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Homework Help: 16 bit 2's complement adder. Due tomorrow

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    16 bit 2's complement adder. Due tomorrow!!

    You are given two adders. Each adder has two 8-bit operand inputs
    and a 1-bit carry input. Each adder calculates the sum of the two
    8-bit 2's complement operands and the 1-bit carry and outputs an 8-bit
    sum and a 1-bit 2's complement overflow bit. Can you use the two
    adders to create a 16-bit 2's complement adder? If so, draw it (represent
    the adders as boxes with clearly labeled inputs and outputs). If not,
    explain why it is difficult.

    Help please
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    Re: 16 bit 2's complement adder. Due tomorrow!!

    Yes. The drawing and wiring are left as an exercise to the student :-)

    1) What happens to the 10s place when you add 15 and 27? What happened to the 1s place?
    2) What is the purpose of the carry INPUT?
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