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16 credits load

  1. Nov 4, 2015 #1
    im a sophomore computer engineering major going into my second semester and I will be taking the following courses :
    electric circuits 2
    introduction to programming using C++
    introductory physics 2
    calculus 3
    linear algebra
    physics lab
    all in all thats 16 credits but the courses seems heavy, im not sure if its possible to handle that much and theres really no way i can take less or i will have to delay my graduation. So what do you guys think ? Is it doable or should I take less credits ? Also what advice can you give me to survive such a semester ?
    Thank you.
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    I'm pretty sure I only had one semester that light. Average for an engineer is around 18-20, in 6 courses.

    Now, how much work that really is will depend on the courses. You have several that are only two credits, but in mechanical engineering a 2 credit course is a lab course with a lot of non-class hours writing lab reports. If your two credit courses require a lot of non-class time writing programs (for example), it could be a very heavy load.
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