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160,000 Said Dying Yearly from Global Warming

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    Ivan Seeking

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    http://www.planetark.org/dailynewsstory.cfm/newsid/22420/story.htm [Broken]
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    I just wonder how these scientists can determine the malaria or other burden from global warming when other scientists insists that it is only detectable from faint or complex evidence?

    Climate varies by year, by decade, and by century. Nobody who focusses on the climate can say that this warm spell in southeast asia or that cold snap in europe is due to "natural causes" or to global warming. But people who want to make a political statement are not shy about attributing causes.
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    Wow, global warming ONLY has negative effects! And of course I’m sure that the article will once again quote the worst case scenario temperature rise of +5C during the next century.

    Just like ALL environmental scare stories, people, including Ivan Seeking, concentrate SOLELY on the negative aspects of ANY effect and IGNORE the positive aspects as if they don’t exist!

    For instance, global warming will DECREASE cold related deaths.
    Because of the milder winters, fuel bills will be significantly REDUCED. This will have the knock on effect of REDUCING FOSSIL FUEL USAGE with all that entails.
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    lol, preach it Berty.

    People like Ivan are alarmists and they should be ignored. I remember in the 80's that Tony Danson (?) said something like if we do not stop polluting the oceans then they will be uninhabitable in 20 yrs. Well, we have not stopped polluting the oceans and we still have not screwed over the Earth.
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