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    CD ROM is up to 56X (Aopen),
    but DVDROM is only 16X,
    which one is faster? 16xDVDROM or 52xCDROM ?

    Why DVDROM is not rated at 52X ?
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    Are you talking about DVD burners or just the players? I don't know why anyone would want a 16x or above dvd player. I have a 4x player in my computer and I can play any dvd movie flawlessly. There just isn't a need.
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    The "16x DVD" means the drive can transfer data 16x faster than a normal for a dvd disk (movie). This doesn't say ANYTHING about CD performance. And since they transfer different things, 1x for a cd rom is .15 megabytes/second whereas 1x for a dvd is 1.35 mb/s

    http://www.plextor.com/english/products/pdfs/20_10.pdf [Broken] is a link to a cd-rw/dvd combo drive. It writes cd's at 20x, rewrites cd's at 10x, reads dvd's at 12x and reads cd's at 40x.
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    Very good point.
    As long as the data transfer per second is more than the size of data of the frames of that second, then the DVD is playing flawlessly.
    But ... suppose some day the DVDs are used for other purposes (and they actually are), then it will no more be a matter of number of frames, you will (then) appreciate a faster DVD drive.
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    Your site STAii, I didn't take data storage into consideration.
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    in Malaysia,
    a DVD player that can play DVD,MP3 from CD, CCDR, SVCD etc.,
    just cost about 120USD for a branded one (JVC, philips).
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