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Homework Help: 1982 Physics Problem B

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    [SOLVED] 1982 Physics Problem B

    A crane is used to hoist a load of mass m1=500 kilograms. The Load is suspended by a cable from a hook of mass m2=50 kilograms, as shown in the diagram above. The load is lifted upward at a constant acceleration of 2 m/s^2.

    b)Determine the Tension T1 in the lower cable and the tension T2 in the upper cable as the hook and load are accelerated upward at 2 m/s^2. Use g=10 m/s^2.

    FYI: this is the 1982 Question B from an AP Test. So if you can find a link that has an explanation, that would be great. Or, you can solve it that would also be wonderful!! thank you soo much
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    It'd be nice to see the diagram as,it may show some information not stated and also,you can take a stab at it and we can try to help you out with it.
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    i don't have a scanner, so i'm sorry but i don't know how i can show you the diagram. i tried to do this problem, i really need help
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    erm i sent a pic to you
    let me know if you can help
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    hey rock freak
    i figured the second part
    it's the first part i'm having trouble with
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    What answers did you get for the 2nd part?

    EDIT: well to do the 2nd part,you'd need to know how the forces are acting. Unless you just guessed. Did you?

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    for the second part i used

    T1= M1 (g+a)

    T2= (M1+M2)(g+a)
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    it's the first part that i'm not sure about
    i get that the force of gravity points down
    but what other forces are on it?
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    Tension forces.
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    The only forces to consider are weight and tension. Weight acts downwards so tension must act upwards.
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    thanks guys!
    much appreciated

    maybe you all can help me with the resistor problem?
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