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Homework Help: 1D Motion Displacement, Velocity

  1. Apr 8, 2009 #1
    All are true false but need help on all of them thanks in advance

    1)Knowing the position and velocity of a particle allows its future position to be predicted even if its acceleration is unknown.
    2)Instaneous velocity is the derivative of the displacement time function.
    3)If the displacement of a particle is decreasing at a constant rate its acceleration is constant.
    4)For problems involving constant acceleration the mean and instantaneous velocity are the same.
    5)The slope of the velocity time graph is the instantaneous acceleration.
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    You'll need to give some insight and your work/thoughts for each question and then we can help you out.
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    Some hints to help you out:

    What's the relationship between distance or position, velocity, and acceleration? From three laws of motions

    Define Instantaneous velocity

    Same as #1, what's the relationship between acceleration and displacement?

    How the v graph looks with say a = 2

    Define acceleration

    P.S. This is not an Advanced Physics question btw.
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