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Homework Help: 1min force question to solve

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    alright this question involved a shopping cart up a ramp with an unknown angle and i have all the other variables but, cannot find the angle

    .17 = .1cosx = sinx i need angle x, simple trig i believe but, i can't do it
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    Based on 0.17 = 0.1 cos x,

    the x = cos-1 1.7

    Based on 0.1 cos x = sin x,

    x = tan-1 0.1

    If one has developed the correct relationships, the x from either equation should be the same. If not there is something wrong.
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    Just added to what Astronuc had said:
    Since you have:
    [tex]\forall x \in \mathbb{R}, \ \ \nexists x \ | \ \ \ |\cos x| > 1 [/tex]
    So, what can you say about x?
    Viet Dao,
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