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1st Class Honours in Physics

  1. Jul 18, 2005 #1
    Just Graduated last week with a 1st Class Honours in Physics.

    I also got awarded a prize with my laboratory partner for best laboratory project for that year in the School of Physics... so I'm pretty happy.

    Now I've got to get a job, hopefully in something with some relation to Physics.

    Anyone else graduated this year?
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    Hooray, well done! :smile:
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    at first i thought that, as if there's some rule saying that i have to get married, have kids, etc because that's what's "supposed" to happen after grad. i was pretty negative also; i thought wtf why am i not moving my ass & making something of myself. since i spent 6yrs doing nothing but school i also wanted to get out more, travel, etc so i was kind of conflicted & now i've decided i will do some travelling, partying, etc.
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