1st order ivp

  1. y' = x
    x' = -5y-4x

    y(0) = 1
    x(0) = 0

    after finding the general solution as shown here

    how do you go about applying the initial values and finding the complete solution?
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    Your general solution should have two undetermined coefficients. Substitute 0 for t, set x= 0, y= 1 and you will have two equations to solve for the two coefficients.
  4. actually I don't think wolfram alpha has done the correct thing in making x and y a function of t as there's no mention of another variable in the original equations. What would you do when they aren't functions of t?
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    You can call the independent variable whatever you want! What did you mean by x' and y'? I assumed the primes were derivatives. With respect to what variable?
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