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1st year physics/engineering student at 29. Never too late!

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    Hi there,

    Long time lurker, but the time has come for me to ask my own questions. Hopefully I can return some by helping others with those things I already understand!

    I'm 29, have spent the last 4 years teaching English in Japan, and the three before that getting qualified to do so. I've known it was my destiny to become a scientist since the final year of my Bachelor of Arts, but there was still the first dream to fulfill. So anyway, here I am now, and I'm enjoying myself; but I also need as much help as I can get.

    Thank you all in advance for any help!
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    Hi ynthrepic. :welcome:

    Once you get back into the study routine, maturity will give you an edge over those who have moved directly from school. :smile:
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    I'm actually about a week away from my first semester of exams, and not sure how strong my edge is. But most of my friends are pretty talented, so I think there's a bit of selection bias going on. Anyway wish me luck :wink:
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