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1st year physics

  1. Dec 13, 2008 #1
    What is taught to a 1st year physics undergraduate?
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    A little more detail than your link from the other thread:

    PHY131, with chapter numbers in brackets
    concepts of motion (1)
    kinematics in one dimension (2)
    vectors and coordinate systems (3)
    kinematics in two dimensions (4)
    force and motion (5)
    motion along a line (6)
    Newton’s third law (7)
    motion in a plane, Newton’s law of gravity, Kepler’s third law (8, 13)
    impulse and momentum (9)
    energy, work (10-11)
    rotation of a rigid body (12)
    oscillations (14)
    fluids (15)

    PHY151, with chapter numbers in brackets
    kinematics, forces, dynamics (1-8)
    momentum, work, energy (9-11)
    rigid body rotations (12)
    gravity (13)

    intro to special relativity
    reference frames and relativity
    clock synchronization
    nature of time
    different kinds of time
    the metric equation
    space-time metric
    time dilation
    twin paradox
    lorentz transformations
    two observer diagram
    length contraction
    contraction paradoxes
    four momentum
    properties of four momentum
    conservation of four momentum
    applications in particle physics
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    hmm what abour electricity or EM? Thermodynamics? PHY121 and PHY151 seems like a review of high school.

    I mean courses for physics major. Like the type of math, programming, and stuff.

    Thanks for answering my questions, again!
  5. Dec 13, 2008 #4
    When I took first-year physics (not any of these), the topics were the same as in high school, but the questions were killer and few people did well. Also, even though 151 seems to have covered less material than 131, I'm sure it is a lot more intense.

    http://www.artsandscience.utoronto.ca/ofr/calendar/prg_phy.htm [Broken]
    All the required courses are listed here. E&M is in 152 and 251. No programming is mentioned. For the math courses listed, there are harder proof-based versions that you can take instead.
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