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2:2 in MPhys Physics

  1. Jul 6, 2008 #1
    Hi guys. I am in the UK currently about to enter my fourth and final year towards a degree in MPhys Physics and I am about 4% away from a 2:1. So at the minute I am on a 2:2 but I am wondering just how well thought of a 2:2 in MPhys is in the 'big bad world'?

    If I did get a 2:2 would I be best resitting my final year until I got a 2:1??

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    I'm pretty certain you should really try and make up that 4% this year. Where I am (Durham) the fourth year is worth 30% more (to a physicist's approximation!) than the third year, so 4% shouldn't be that hard to make up (that it's your fourthyear notwithstanding!).
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    Our second year was 15%, third was 35% and this year is 50% so its all to play for ;-) But as a guideline how much in the s**t would I be if I got a 2:2, I mean taking a career as an accountant for example?

    Obviously big companies who ask for a 2:1 would say no but I be massively hindered?

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    santiago: depends, are you going to get a phd? then you should really try hard to get a first. If you're only going into corporate life, it isn't that much hassle really. Your world won't go under for getting a second. It's always what you do right about now in the moment of your life that is interesting.
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    Exactly: you probably won't get a place in graduate schemes with a 2:2 (although you could, of course, try and sell how you really have a master's degree and it's more difficult, etc. etc.) I know people who graduated with 2:2 degrees and have pretty decent jobs now (they didn't graduate in physics, though.)

    Of course, since you only have 4% to get, and your final year counts more, it is definitely a good idea to aim for that 2:1, as it is well within reach.
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    I was in a similar but worse position this year (4th year Physics MSci), I had 51% aggregate mark after my third year, and still managed to get a 2:1 overall by getting a 1st this year.

    I was amazed to find I had done well as I never felt like I had got to grips with the subject as I imagined a 1st student would have. But it was just resonable hard work all year, nothing over the top, just keeping on top of things. I just made sure I was doing the module coursework to at least 50% during the year and going over unfamiliar things when they came up and that's it.

    I really can't stress enough how far a little hard work can go in this subject. It's not a question of interlect.

    As I was prepared for a 2:2 i was thinking of doing an MSc, I think that's the best long term option if you get a 2:2 and you can afford it (student loans won't accomodate you I don't think). I know people with 3rds and 2:2s Bsc and Msci who got onto Msc Physics.
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