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2 and 3 Phonon Interactions, whats the difference?

  1. Apr 25, 2012 #1
    I am doing a basic introduction to solid state physics and I have come across a question which asks What the difference between two phonon interactions and three phonon intereactions.

    I know that Normal colission and Umklapp colissions are part of the three phono interactions since it tells me this in Kittel's Introduction to solid state.

    K1 + K2 = K3 (normal)

    K1 + K2 = K3 + G (Umklapp)

    So what would a 2 phonon interaction be?

    At first I thought the two phonon interaction would be the intereaction between a phonon and its surroundings resulting in a new phonon of different momentum but the more reading I did left me rather confused.

    Thanks :)
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