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2 Black Holes

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    what happens when to black hole crash into each other?
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    They merge and make one bigger black hole.
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    do black holes ever end, or do they just keep sucking everything in?
    and in what happens all that light in a black hole? it must be very bright in the center of a black hole
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    in theory light goes fast when it comes into contact with a black hole, E=C x C2
    but if light dont have a mass E=0xC2 then light should just "stop" of cease to exist

    but thats just my theory
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    We don't allow personal theories on our science forums. There's a procedure for getting them posted on a special forum. Light has momentum and energy, but not mass. Its momentum is [tex]p = h\nu[/tex], where nu is the frequency and h is Planck's constant, and its energy is pc.
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    To answer your second question, blackholes do eventually end due to a process called Hawking radiation (Radiation emitted from a blackhole due to quantum effects).
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