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2 blocks- Forces w/ friction

  1. Oct 1, 2009 #1
    I have 2 blocks together: M1=3, M2=8

    the friction of M1=6N, M2=16N
    Force applied= 26 N

    find total acceleration: ?
    magnitude of force M1 to M2?
    magnitude of acceleration for M1?
    force magnictude from M2 to M1?

    I know the following: M1 accel= M2 accel
    I am going to combined the masses M1 & M2 together since accelerations are the same.
    Here is my real question.. what do I do for the frictions? do I add the 2 frictions together? do I take the higher friction? I dont understand what to do for those.

    I tried breaking it down to free body diagrams:

    F(applied)+F1(moving forward)- F(friction of M1)- m1g= m1a

    F1(moving foward)- F(friction M2) - m2g= m2a

    Then i got this long formula:
    Fapplied+ F(fr2)+m2g-Ffr1-m1g= a(m1-m2)

    and i got acceleration to be -17? impossible..not sure where i went wrong
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