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2 cable modems?

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    I'm living in a basement suite. The landlords upstairs have internet through cable and told me I'd also have it, but all I have is the outlet where a TV type of cable would normally go.

    Can I just buy a cable modem from a store, or do I have to get it through a cable company? Do I have to pay the cable company money, or should I be able to just hook it up and use it? From what I understand the cable company charges you for the IP they give you because the number of IP's you have is related to how much bandwidth the system gets. Would the two modems be able to run on the same IP address?

    A few days after I moved in, the landlords left a few things outside my door that I think they wanted me to use to create an internet connection with, but I have no idea how they expected me to use it. They left a wireless router, a small length of TV type cable and a wireless card without the required installation software. Is there a way I can use any of this to get online without a cable modem?
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    Sounds like they intend for you to share their internet service, you would not have your own personal account. I don't know what the cable company's policy is on how many computers are connected on a single account, it may not matter. Do you really want to be an extension off their service?

    No, the IP address has nothing to do with bandwidth.
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    Where I live a lot of people rent out their basements, and the internet connection is usually shared. In most cases an internet cable (the kind that plugs into your computer) is run through the wall, but my landlords seem opposed to that idea.

    My cable TV is shared with them, but I'm not sure if they've split the line or if they're paying the cable company for two lines.
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    From what I know of this.
    If you buy another cable modem the cable company will charge since they key to the modems hardware address.

    If they don't want wire then consider a wireless connection. That would plug directly into the existing cable modem and normally not be charged for.
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