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2 odd lines of thought have been bothering me about C-Ys. Does this make any intuitive type of sense or am I waaayyy out there in following this train of thought? Can any of it be expressed equationally to any degree of sensibility?

1. Question: Which amount of holes for Calabi-Yau?
Ponder: If 11 dimensions make String Theory whole (no pun), then why not consider 11 holes down to 8 holes (or visa-versa) existing in C-Y’s, due to 3 dimensions we observe and 3 particle families. (11 holes minus the 3 dimensions if necessary = the 8)
a) 8 to 11 holers, including time
b) Consider Time as “Passage” or “PG” for short (with TIME being considered as a possible determinate dealing with the other styles of C-Y’s with different numbers of holes)), any holes with no Passaging of vibratorily-made “particles” is a fake hole, a phantom hole (anti-hole?) with no time. (Can you tuck infinities in the fake holes where they would disappear and support supersymmetry further?) Passage (Time) therefore equals a +/- constant whether used or not.
(1) > 8 to 11 holers: = multiples of the 8-11 series with “left-over holes” being “no passage” timeless holes. (Do these No-PG holes cancel anything?)
(2) < 8 to 11 holers: make up The Bulk of the Standard Model or the Higgs Field
Therefore the question: (Q: Higgs Field = The Bulk? Q: Higgs Particle =? Q: How would this impact Standard Model joining with String Theory?)
(3) Admittedly “Left-field” Time Question: is Time itself then a result of a vibration which then in turn makes Passage for the other vibration(s)? Does that say dimensions themselves are in any way a result of strings or that Time is a non-particle characteristic of String vibration that allows Passage and thus the workings of particles?

2. Question: Then how many C-Y true shapes that count?
a) 8 to 11: then even if you -1 dimension of time, you still have 7 to 10 that can = another shape series = so therefore always no more than 4 shapes (8,9,10,and 11 holers or 7,8,9,10 holers if you minus Time dimension from the first 8-11 set)

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