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2 concepts of Time Travel

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    [SOLVED] 2 concepts of Time Travel

    My concepts are based on Logic (not on physics nor mathmatics);
    Note: Sorry for my spelling. I dont use English much.

    1. The ballon Theroy
    Ones needs to always look at the universe as a connections of mass elements. All elements follow a straight point of time that progesses along with the expanding universe (based on the big bang theroy).

    If any selected element of matter (for example an atom) should happen to go back in time whether it is one second or a million years the Universe will follow that element back to the point of orgin it lands. Its like the universe is a ballon and when an element goes back in time the universe deflates like a ballon and starts over. The timeline stays the same but a section has been erased (like erasing a word and writting over it). The cause and effect will be based on ripple effect that element causes to the universe. If it only an atom thrown back into the middle of the cosmos, then very little (maybe none) ripples will occur but the whole universe has completely revised back to the source of that timeline. The timeline restarts and progress again but it will OVERWRITE the earlier timeline. Just like rewinding a tape and replaying it but this time the rewritten timeline will be based on the new element that was introduced and the cause and effect it has.

    There maybe future Type II or Type III cilivations that have the techology to do this in our universe thus it maybe your 1 thousands time reading this post. I must stress that all sections of the timeline that do get erase DID exists. It just beomes a history of changes of the timeline like the ballon growing big and small repeately. If there are other universes, then each one will have their one independed timeline to deal with.

    One interesting concept is there maybe a way to go back to the original (virgin) lineline by exiting our universe and going to a different one and back to our own again when the first orignal big bang occurred. I feel it is impossible to tell the state of our timeline from observing it within our universe. We will have to go outside to do this and probably need to be at Type III status which is a long time from now.

    Even if you go back and erase part of the timeline, the original and history DID exist. Again, unfornutely we cannot observe this while being contained in our universe. So the paradox of how can I kill my parents and still exists can now be logically be explained. We will need to ask our type III universe brothers about Keeping history of a overwritten timeline.

    Multiple Timelines
    Basicly this is the most famous theroy and many SF shows had aired based on this theroy. It does seem logical that if one could ever go back in time, that the orignal timeline is set in limestone can cannot be erased, that a new timeline will be created. Then we can feel safe about going back in time and not disturbing the orignal one but probably once an element moves over and creates a new timeline, it can NEVER go back to the origninal one. One can make as many timelines as you want and a type II or type III status cilv. However with living beings a cross over to another timeline is like making a clone. If you get hit by a car but ask your friend to go back in time and prevent it, your friend will go back and create the timeline and try to save you. However, that you is not you. Its a copy of you so you died in your own timeline and there is nothing you can do about it. The copy timezone works with only the element that moved over to it.

    When you die you die
    Both theroies have a stable constant that once a time-space continum is used up, it cannot be used again. It can only be copied or replaced. If you die, you can not reexist even if your friends and family erase or recreate a timeline; you will become a copy. But a copy can be a real as the original...just like clones. So you ask yourself; are you the original? What timeline copy is my life based on? How many times have I read this post? Have a good day! :D
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    I believe that IF multiple timelines exist, than it is how you described because I have long held to that opinion myself. It tends to be too overly drawn out and complicated, though, so I tend to believe that time itself has already happened and that if time travel is possible that we cannot alter past events. Just my opinion though. I don't totally rule out multiverse theory, just that if multiverses do exist and time travel is possible that it must abide the rules as already described, otherwise you have a paradox of universal proportions that cannot exist, otherwise we wouldn't all be here.
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    getting back to where you started

    I too believe you are right on with this theory because i too had this theory after determining that if one were to travel back in time and kill ones grandfather that person would still exist due to the quantum vibrational paterns of the strings that make up the traveler. i did not necessarily concieve your balooning effect. One discretion in our theories is that mine allows for one to, after creating a new time line one can then travel back along that line and thwart the event that caused the variant time line and therefore get back to the time and universe in which he started, where as yours seems to not allow this.
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    I have a bit of a question, its not really about your theory though: what do you mean by type II /III civilizations? our we in a type I, what sort of advancements must occur for their to be a type II or type III civilization.
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